Hey, I’m Kel!

I’m spunky, down to earth, and enjoy making people laugh.  I’m a hybrid shooter, which means I use both film and digital cameras (yes, people still shoot with film). I genuinely love photographing people and building relationships with my clients. I also make documentary style super 8 films using an old school home movie camera and film.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Art, I had a career as a photojournalist before opening my portrait business. My background definitely influences how I approach photographing people. I combine my knowledge of fine art with a knack for capturing candid moments, which results in a well rounded gallery for each of my clients. My work is is heavily inspired by light and composition, as well as movement and emotion.

I live in Salem, Oregon and love shooting outdoors, but also have studio space in both Portland and Salem. I’m available for weddings, boudoir,  and portraits throughout Oregon and am also available for travel.  To contact me, please email kelwardphotography@gmail.com.


~I am an only child.
~I married Ben in 1998 and am madly in love with him (seriously).
~We have three boys (11, 15, and 17).  They eat a lot.
~I spent a semester of college at the University of Guam.
~I collect and use vintage cameras.
~We live in a 1960s A-frame house.
~I can wiggle my ears.
~I teach photography classes at a community college.
~I am obsessed with all things vampire.
~I’m grumpy in the morning until I’ve had coffee.
~Once upon a time I was a cheerleader and on dance team.
~I adore Gilmore Girls, but the mini series was an abomination.
~Accessories are my thing…sunglasses, big rings, shoes, etc.
~I love reading, but don’t do it enough.
~I love watching Netflix, but do it too much.