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Salem Film Photographer | Twelve.

These photos were part of a featured post on Little Bellows back in April, but I’m just now getting around to sharing them here. ┬áThis is my middle son, Karson. He’s 12. No longer a little kid, but not yet a teenager. As it turns out, the tween years with him are pretty awesome. I took these in our backyard and in his bedroom, using a Canon EOS-3 and t-max 400 film.
Processed and Scanned by PhotoVision in Salem, OR.
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Middle School?

Um, I just sent him off to kindergarten. How did this happen?!
This is my middle son, Karson on his first day of 6th grade.

Salem Film Photographer . . . I love him.

Taken in Las Vegas, Nevada.
July 2013.

Portland Portrait Photographer | Wig-tastic.

I snapped this photo of Nikki, my make up artist, before our last boudoir party. It proved to be a fun social experiment, not mentioning anything to the clients about it being a wig. Nobody mentioned her hair at all. Ha!