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Eastern Oregon Boudoir Photographer | maternity session in La Grande

You may recognize this mama-to-be, as I recently posted images from the couples session I did with her and the proud-papa-to-be. River, a fellow photographer, is now a fellow Mama! Her little girl, Ivy, was born about a month ago now. I probably shouldn’t say little, though, as she was over 10 pounds. Congrats to you, River & Levi!

La Grande Boudoir Photographer | couples maternity boudoir | River & Levi

I don’t even need to tell you that they’re an adorable couple and ridiculously in love because you can see it, plain as day, in these photos! Levi played his guitar to River and their baby (Ivy) during their session and it was so calming and awesome. It made the session so enjoyable for everyone, including me. River is due any day now (and based on her facebook posts is ready to be done with this pregnancy, haha!), so I thought it seemed like a good time to share this session. Maybe it’ll help you come to terms with being pregnant just a little bit longer, River!

La Grande Boudoir Photographer | couples session | sneak peek

I am often asked if I do “couples boudoir” session and the answer is yes, but I’m very selective in who I work with on these types of shoots. It is a requirement that we all meet prior to the shoot, to make sure that we are a good fit and that everyone (including me) is comfortable and that we are all on the same page for the shoot and the final product.
River is a returning boudoir client and I’d photographed them together during a portrait session prior to their couples boudoir session. They’re possibly one of the cutest couples ever and I cannot wait to share the rest of this maternity-couple-boudoir session with you!