November 8, 2017

Gladstone Senior Photographer | Kylee & Taylar | where they are now

I posted individual portraits of these adorable twins earlier this year, but I thought I’d do a little update on the two of them, as well as share some of the photos I took of of them together. So much has happened in their lives since they graduated high school this past June! Taylar was accepted to the University of Oregon, as part of a select group of students in an elite journalism program and from what I can see, she’s having an awesome experience and is kicking butt. Kylee was sworn in as a United States Marine Recruit over the summer. She is finishing up bootcamp, just completed the crucible, and has her official graduation in about a week! Suffice it to say, their parents and family are all beaming with pride. Way to go, girls!

Congrats, Kylee and Taylar, on your accomplishments!

I’ll go ahead and include another update too. Their older brother, whose senior portraits
I did the year before (click here to see his  photos), recently got engaged!

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