May 22, 2019

Oregon Wedding Photographer | second shooting, on film

Last year, I had the opportunity to second shoot for Shelley K Photography again. She’s based out of La Grande and I’m in Salem, so the two of us meeting in Arlington made perfect sense, as it’s close to the halfway point. When I say Arlington, I don’t mean the little town, right off of I-84. No, I mean BFE. Like, get off the freeway, drive out towards the middle of nowhere and just keep driving, until you run out of pavement, and then keep driving some more. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the private residence where this adorable couple said their vows.

Despite what looks like a cool breeze in the photo below, it was NOT a cool day. If I remember correctly, it was about 106 degrees that day and as you can see, virtually no shade. I also got stung by a hornet (on the freaking armpit!) shortly before the ceremony, so that was fun too.

One of the things I love best about being a second shooter is photographing little kids. When I’m the lead photographer, I don’t really have time to do this. Usually, when the lead photographer is out with the couple, doing portraits, and the guests are eating…kids are running around, looking for something to do. I’ve found that if I just sit down on the grass or floor, with my camera, that they’ll gravitate towards me. Sure enough…

Cameras: Canon EOS-3 & Bronica ETRS
Film: Portra 400
Lab: The FIND Lab

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