November 24, 2015

Portland Oregon Elopement Photographer | Izzy & Regina

Izzy & Regina flew in from Austin, Texas to have a truly intimate elopement in Amity, Oregon. They booked me about a week before their ceremony and when they started describing their vision, I knew we were going to be a good fit, despite not actually getting to meet them until the day of their wedding.

 Prior to the wedding, the couple spent several days traveling Oregon and seeing all that it had to offer. Being rather adventurous and outdoorsy, it was the perfect pre-wedding vacation for them.  The day before their wedding, they checked in to their airbnb rental, which was located on some beautiful property, overlooking wine country about an hour from Portland, Oregon.

When I arrived, Izzy & Regina were getting ready inside the home. Not just getting ready, but helping each other get ready. It was so incredibly touching to see them helping each other with their hair and makeup on the most important day of their lives. They were extremely welcoming and friendly with me and it made it feel like we’d known each other for years. When it was time to put on the dresses, they went to separate rooms. They wanted to have that little bit of anticipation in getting to see each other for the first time.

Regina headed outside, with Melissa, their celebrant. Once they reached the designated spot, next to a large pond and water feature, they waited for Izzy to make her appearance. In the background, beautiful live guitar music filled the air. Izzy made her way to Regina and they said their vows in coordinating dresses, with the sun setting behind them. It was simply stunning.

Once the nuptials were complete and they were declared officially married, we took a walk around the property to do some portraits. Posing was a non-issue with these two, as they were just so in love and affectionate that I didn’t have to guide them very much at all. As their chef added the finishing touches to their appetizers, the lovebirds enjoyed their first dance to live guitar music and lyrics. Shortly after they began their five course meal, I left for the evening. If you’ve been counting, that is 4 people aside from the brides. That was it. Me, their celebrant, their guitarist, and their chef. Nobody else. When I departed, it was just the two of them and the chef. I heard later that after everyone had left, their evening consisted of them laying on blankets under the clear sky, looking at stars and listening to music. I mean, really, how much more romantic could you get? A big celebration will be held in Austin in the spring, so that friends and family can share in the joy of their marriage. I’m telling you what…elopements are the bomb! They’re so romantic and just truly get down to what matters….the two people getting married, and their vows. No fuss, no stress, just love.

photocrati galleryCredits:
Celebrant – Melissa Coe Ceremonies
Guitarist – David Elan Kelley, professional music services
Chef – Matthew Cottrell of Palatable Persuasions, LLC
Dresses –Luxe Apothetique
Venue – Airbnb
Flowers – DIY

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