June 1, 2019

Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer | McMenamins Edgefield Same Sex Wedding

Happy Pride Month!
I was going to post this wedding a couple of weeks ago (no, really, I swear!), but thought I may as well wait until June, since this is National Pride Month! Not only that, but these two were married in June as well! Anyway, Nicky & Cole (they are both legally named Nicole!) were married at McMenamins Edgefield last year and it was simply beautiful. The nice thing about venues like Edgefield is that practically every inch of the 74-acre property is picture-ready, so no need for decorations!

Cole & Nicky were accompanied by their bridesmaids, which consisted of their best friends and Cole’s three daughters. They wore mint and lavender dresses, while the brides wore very different white, lacy gowns. The ceremony and reception were both held on the patio at the administrator’s house, while the house itself served as a location for getting ready, as well as accommodations for the newlyweds and a few of their closest friends, after the wedding.

Even though I wasn’t scheduled to take any ‘getting ready’ shots, I still managed to capture a few fun moments prior to the ceremony, including the wedding party doing a last minute toast, complete with licorice straws!

Nicky was walked down the aisle by her eldest daughter, while Cole was escorted by her father.

Seriously… look at the bridesmaid on the far right (purple dress)! Her expression is priceless! Also, check out the way Cole moved Nicky’s hair out of her face. Awwww.

This was not a staged shot. I found the bouquet, next to the beer, in between portraits! It’s probably one of the most “Portland” things I saw all day. 😉

Nicky’s cousins (about elementary & middle school aged) performed a Native American song, as a gift to the newlyweds. Seeing the kids put their hearts into it and get up in front of everyone moved Nicky to tears. (Yes, I got photos of them performing. I just didn’t feel right posting them here.)

During the reception, the brides removed each other’s shoes and replaced the with handmade moccasin’s that were a gift from Nicky’s family members.

As soon as I saw one of the boys start to play with the sheer layer of his mom’s dress, I knew we were about to have a funny moment. Maybe not so funny for mom, but funny for me, the photographer, and a mom who has been there and done that many years ago!

First dance…

I don’t post many photos of kids at weddings, but the shot below (left) was too sweet not to share. The little guy, who is Cole’s nephew, was dancing with his grandma and this was a quiet moment between songs. The shot on the far right is of Cole and her brother…they have the same “let’s be goofy” smile!

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