January 10, 2018

Salem Oregon Newborn Photographer . . . Fresh 48 . . . Baby Ethan

I love photographing births, but I also love doing what many call “fresh 48” sessions. Not everyone wants photos of the birth itself, but still want those super fresh newborn photos. I am happy to visit you in your hospital room, birthing center, or even at home in those first few days of life, to document your newborn before they change (it happens SO quickly that you often don’t even realize it until you look back at photos). These sessions are scheduled during daylight hours, usually take less than an hour, and you don’t have to do anything to prepare!

This particular session features newborn Ethan, his parents, and his siblings who were meeting him for the first time. I love this first photo so much. I photographed the birth of Lucas, the toddler sleeping on Dad’s lap a few years earlier, which makes it extra awesome.

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