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Salem Oregon Family Photographer | fall mini session | tween girls

I’m not going to lie… I find photographing tween boys to be a bit challenging and awkward. Tween girls, on the other hand, are so fun! This is one of my best friends with her fiancé and her daughters. I photograph them every other year or so, and I just love watching them grow up.


Salem Family Photographer . . . Hugs and Kisses.

Long story short, I adore this family.
Mama is one of my close friends.

My favorite part of family sessions is photographing Mom and Dad alone.
There are never enough photos of just the two of them and their children will cherish them as they grow. This is generally the favorite part for the guy too. He gets to smooch on his wife, whisper naughty things in her ear, make her blush, etc.

Salem Portrait Photographer . . . Life is short, take photos.

This mom is one of my best friends. I have known her for over 20 years and have been doing family portraits for her and her girls for several years now.
We often had our ordering appointments with her dad present because he loved to look at the photos.
We would chit chat about cameras and photography, as we shared the passion.
He had been wanting to schedule extended family photos for months, but fell ill and passed away much sooner than expected. We never got to do those photos.
It would have been easy for my friend to skip her family photos this year, with all that she had going on, but because she values these annual photos and because she knows her dad did too, we both made a little extra effort to make them happen this year.
It was also so nice to include her fiancé in the photos this year!