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Salem Oregon Family Photographer | my own, on film

I remember taking these and thinking how crazy big they are. Only, now that it’s been nearly a year since I did, I’m looking at them and thinking how much they’ve grown since then! They need to slow the heck down. I also need to take new photos of them. Anyway, here are my babies, as gigantic as they may be.


Canon EOS-3 + Kodak Gold 400 + The FIND Lab

Salem Oregon Family Photographer | fall mini session | red, white, and blue

With a splash of yellow! This family is so adorable. I did some maternity/family photos of them back in the spring and it was awesome to not only see them again, but to meet their newest family  member! I mean, how cute are her little tights and those big, blue eyes? We had to deal with some rain, but they were tough as nails and I adore them for it.


Love well & focus on what matters.

That is a challenge from baby Nathan’s mom, Lacey.
You see, Nathan’s dad, Nate, died ¬†unexpectedly while Lacey was pregnant with him.
One year ago, today, actually.
While I’ve known Lacey since childhood, I had only met Nate once. It was obvious, though, that he was head over heels in love with Lacey and I knew babies wouldn’t be too far in the future. Sadly, though, Nate passed away before their first baby was born.


While I did this session months and months ago, I waited until today to post it.
If you’re wondering about the quilt, it was made out of Nate’s shirts, which he was notorious for wearing.


From Lacey…

“A year ago today I got a phone call that no wife should ever get. An ordinary Tuesday turned into a nightmare as we raced to the hospital, but he was already gone. My world got a lot quieter that day. I’ve struggled this year – with anger, with questions, with overwhelming sorrow and at times, with my faith. But these past 12 months have also been redemptive…full of growth, of finding a strength I didn’t know was there, navigating motherhood, relationships that have deepened, amazing support & an eternal perspective that can only be a testament to God’s grace. So now I sit here on the first anniversary of my wonderful husband’s untimely death, a 31 year old widow, and wonder, now what? I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing…talking about him, laughing at funny memories, loving our baby, and cherishing our story. I will also challenge each of you to love well & to focus on what matters. There is so much that just doesn’t. Forgive quickly, don’t waste time on trivial things and know that what you think drives you crazy would quite possibly be the things you miss the most. On a day that I really have no words, I felt compelled to write something as so many of you have walked this road with me. Thank you for your support. I love and miss you, baby.”


Salem Family Photographer | Fall Mini Sessions!



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