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Salem FIlm Photographer | fourteen

I shared some photos of my 12 year old from this same roll of film here, but here are a few of my favorites of the oldest. Taken with a Canon EOS-3 and T-max 400 film, some of these images were featured HERE, on Little Bellows. As you can see, Kayden is doing what typical 14 year olds do…playing on his ipod, reading, and avoiding the camera.
I did manage to capture the oh-so-elusive smile, though, at the end!


Scanned by Photovision in Salem, OR.

Salem & Portland Senior Portrait Special!


Salem Wedding Photographer | Simply Stunning

It was So fun to photograph this beautiful couple!
Sandi  is a very talented photographer herself and was  thrilled with the fact that I was shooting this session on film. As you may know, I love doing bridal sessions, but I also offer portraits for brides and grooms before or after their wedding.
Perfect for anniversaries, vow renewals, etc. Didn’t love your wedding photos? Have them done again, but without the
stress and timeline of the actual wedding day! Got married indoors in the winter, but love the coast? Book a beach session!


Hasselblad 500 c/m + Portra 160
(Processing and scanning by Film Box.)